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Biodegradable implants in the treatment of scaphoid nonunions.

We reviewed 12 male patients with scaphoid nonunions treated by open reduction, bone grafting, and internal fixation with biodegradable implants made of self-reinforced poly- l-lactic acid. Mean patient age was 22.5 (20-25) years. Ten patients had type D2 scaphoid nonunions with a fracture line in the middle one third, one patient had type D2 nonunion with a fracture line in the proximal one third, and one patient had type D1 distal one-third fibrous union. The mean wrist score (modified Mayo wrist score) was 20.8 (10-40) preoperatively and improved after 22-80 months (55-90). All nonunions healed, and the mean solid union time was 4.5 (3.5-7) months. We obtained excellent results in five patients, good results in four, fair results in two, and a poor result in one. The results of this study offer a valid alternative in the fixation of scaphoid nonunions. The major advantage of biodegradable materials is to eliminate the requirement for the removal of the fixation material.[1]


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