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PSD-95 and Lin-7b interact with acid-sensing ion channel-3 and have opposite effects on H+- gated current.

The acid-sensing ion channel-3 ( ASIC3) is a degenerin/epithelial sodium channel expressed in the peripheral nervous system. Previous studies indicate that it participates in the response to mechanical and painful stimuli, perhaps contributing to mechanoreceptor and/or H+ -gated nociceptor function. ASIC3 subunits contain intracellular N and C termini that may control channel localization and function. We found that a PDZ-binding motif at the ASIC3 C terminus interacts with four different proteins that contain PDZ domains: PSD-95, Lin-7b, MAGI-1b, and PIST. ASIC3 and these interacting proteins were expressed in dorsal root ganglia and spinal cord, and PSD-95 co-precipitated ASIC3 from spinal cord. When expressed in heterologous cells, PSD-95 reduced the amplitude of ASIC3 acid-evoked currents, whereas Lin-7b increased current amplitude. PSD-95 and Lin-7b altered current density by decreasing or increasing, respectively, the amount of ASIC3 on the cell surface. The finding that multiple PDZ-containing proteins bind ASIC3 and can influence its presence in the plasma membrane suggests that they may play an important role in the contribution of ASIC3 to nociception and mechanosensation.[1]


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