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Nervous system function for the testis RNA-binding protein boule in Drosophila.

The RNA-binding protein, Boule is conserved across species and is required for male fertility. Boule and the DAZ homologues in mice and humans appear specific to the testis. Boule functions in spermatogenesis by controlling the translation of the meiotic cell division cycle 25 (Cdc25) phosphatase, Twine. Here we show, for the first time, a function for the DAZ protein, Boule, outside of meiosis. We found that an isoform of Boule is expressed in the nervous system and when its expression is increased we observe mutant phenotypes in neural communication between the receptor and laminar cells of the fly eye, altered larval locomotion and when further overexpressed, viability. As in the germ line, genetic studies indicate that Boule functions in the Cdc25 phosphatase pathway in the nervous system. In a sensitized genetic background of Boule overexpression, we added a loss-of-function mutation of twine and demonstrated a role for Twine Cdc25, in the adult nervous system. Our results indicate that isoforms of boule are expressed outside of the male germ line and that these isoforms have a role in neural function, unlike the boule testis-specific isoform.[1]


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