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Complete sequence of the G glycoprotein gene of avian metapneumovirus subgroup C and identification of a divergent domain in the predicted protein.

The complete nucleotide sequences of the attachment glycoprotein (G) genes of three strains of avian metapneumovirus subgroup C (AMPV-C) were determined from the viral genomic and mRNAs. The G gene of AMPV-C was 1798 nt (1015 nt longer than previously reported) and the derived polypeptide had 585 aa. The deduced amino acid sequence of the predicted G protein of AMPV-C strain Colorado (AMPV-CO) showed 21-25 % amino acid identity to the G proteins of human metapneumoviruses, but only 14-16 % amino acid identity to those of other AMPV subgroups. The predicted G protein of AMPV-CO showed 98 and 81 % amino acid identity to those of AMPV-C strains Mn-1a and Mn-2a, respectively, indicating considerable sequence variation in the G proteins of AMPV-C isolates. Comparison of the G protein sequences of AMPV-CO and Mn-2a identified a highly divergent domain (48 % amino acid identity) at aa 300-450.[1]


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