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PTOV1 enables the nuclear translocation and mitogenic activity of flotillin-1, a major protein of lipid rafts.

PTOV1 is a mitogenic protein that shuttles between the nucleus and the cytoplasm in a cell cycle-dependent manner. It consists of two homologous domains arranged in tandem that constitute a new class of protein modules. We show here that PTOV1 interacts with the lipid raft protein flotillin-1, with which it copurifies in detergent-insoluble floating fractions. Flotillin-1 colocalized with PTOV1 not only at the plasma membrane but, unexpectedly, also in the nucleus, as demonstrated by immunocytochemistry and subcellular fractionation of endogenous and exogenous flotillin-1. Flotillin-1 entered the nucleus concomitant with PTOV1, shortly before the initiation of the S phase. Protein levels of PTOV1 and flotillin-1 oscillated during the cell cycle, with a peak in S. Depletion of PTOV1 significantly inhibited nuclear localization of flotillin-1, whereas depletion of flotillin-1 did not affect nuclear localization of PTOV1. Depletion of either protein markedly inhibited cell proliferation under basal conditions. Overexpression of PTOV1 or flotillin-1 strongly induced proliferation, which required their localization to the nucleus, and was dependent on the reciprocal protein. These observations suggest that PTOV1 assists flotillin-1 in its translocation to the nucleus and that both proteins are required for cell proliferation.[1]


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