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Human netrin-G1 isoforms show evidence of differential expression.

The recently identified netrins-G1 and -G2 form a distinct subgroup within the UNC-6/netrin gene family of axon guidance molecules. In this study, we determined the size and structure of the exon/intron layout of the human netrin-G1 ( NTNG1) and -G2 (NTNG2) genes. Northern analysis of both genes showed limited nonneuronal but wide brain expression, particularly for NTNG2. Reverse transcriptase PCR detected nine alternatively spliced isoforms including four novel variants of NTNG1 from adult brain. A semiquantitative assay established that major expression was restricted to isoforms G1c, G1d, G1a, and G1e in the brain and to G1c in the kidney. There is also evidence of developmental regulation of these isoforms between fetal and adult brain. In conclusion, NTNG1 may use alternative splicing to diversify its function in a developmentally and tissue-specific manner.[1]


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