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Mitogenic effects of epidermal growth factor and transforming growth factor-alpha on EGF-receptor positive human ovarian carcinoma cell lines.

The role of epidermal growth factor (EGF) and transforming growth factor-alpha (TGF-alpha) in the growth modulation of three human ovarian adenocarcinoma cell lines, PEO1, PEO4 and PEO14, has been examined by measuring responses of the cells growing in monolayer culture to exogenous addition of the growth factors. The presence of EGF receptors in the cell lines has been confirmed by ligand binding and immunocytochemical staining using a monoclonal antibody directed against the EGF receptor. The growth of all three cell lines was stimulated by both EGF and TGF-alpha. Dose-response effects were noted with the greatest growth stimulation occurring at concentrations between 0.1 and 10 nmol/l. The stimulatory effects of EGF and TGF-alpha were accompanied by changes in the cell cycle distribution as detected by flow cytometric analysis. It is concluded that EGF and TGF-alpha are important growth regulators in these EGF-receptor positive ovarian cancer cells.[1]


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