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Spatio-temporal patterns of intestine-specific transcription factor expression during postnatal mouse gut development.

The small intestine matures from a primitive tube into morphologically and functionally distinct regions during gut development. Maximal expression of the genes encoding the digestive enzymes lactase-phlorizin hydrolase and sucrase-isomaltase is spatially restricted to distinct segments along the anterior-posterior axis of the small intestine and is temporally regulated during postnatal maturation. Transcription factors capable of interacting with the intestinal lactase and sucrase gene promoters are candidate regulators of spatio-temporal patterning during gut development and maturation. We aimed to quantitatively examine and compare the relative expression levels of a set of intestine-specific transcription factors along the anterior-posterior gut axis during postnatal maturation. Our analysis was focused on the transcription factors capable of regulating the intestinal lactase and sucrase-isomaltase genes. A real-time PCR protocol was used to quantitatively examine and compare spatially and temporally the relative transcript abundance levels for intestine-specific factors during postnatal intestinal maturation. Distinct spatial expressions patterns were detected along the length of the small intestine for PDX-1, Cdx-2, GATA-4, GATA-5, GATA-6, HNF-1alpha, HNF-1beta and CDP transcription factor genes. There is a general decline in transcript abundance for the factor genes during postnatal maturation. Defining the spatio-temporal expression patterns for intestine-specific transcription factor genes contributes to investigation of the roles that factor gradients play in mediating gut development and differentiation.[1]


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