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Insertion of polar and nonpolar unsaturated molecules into carbon-rhenium bonds generated by C-H bond activation: synthesis of phthalimidine and indene derivatives.

A rhenium complex, [ReBr(CO)(3)(thf)](2), catalyzes the reaction of an aromatic aldimine with an isocyanate and an acetylene to give a phthalimidine and an indene derivative in a quantitative yield, respectively. The reactions proceed via C-H bond activation, insertion of the isocyanate or the acetylene, intramolecular nucleophilic cyclization to the aldimine of the generated amido- or alkenyl-rhenium species, and reductive elimination. In contrast to ruthenium and rhodium catalysts, which are usually employed in this type of reaction, the rhenium catalyst promotes the insertion of a polar unsaturated molecule. This occurs more easily than the insertion of a nonpolar unsaturated molecule.[1]


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