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Molecular cloning and gene expression of Spo11 during spermatogenesis in the Japanese eel, Anguilla japonica.

Spo11 is a protein involved specifically in the meiotic recombination in several species, however, it is little characterized in lower vertebrates. We identified a cDNA encoding Spo11 from the testis of Japanese eel, Anguilla japonica. The deduced amino acid sequence of eel Spo11 was more than 60% identical with human and mouse Spo11s. In order to examine changes in the expression and localization of Spo11 during spermatogenesis induced by the injection of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) and to compare with those of Dmc1, we generated specific antibodies against the eel Spo11 and Dmc1. In general, it is believed that Dmc1 is a meiosis-specific protein, and the localization of Dmc1 in spermatocytes was confirmed also in Japanese eel. Spo11 transcripts were slightly detected in the testis after 1 day post-hCG injection by Northern blot analysis. Western blot analysis also indicated that Spo11 production began at day 1 after hCG injection. However, immunohistochemical observations showed that Spo11 was localized only in spermatocytes. In contrast, Dmc1 transcripts and the protein production were first detected at day 6 after hCG injection and increased along with the increment of spermatocytes. These results suggested that Spo11 was expressed in spermatogonia proliferated toward meiosis at quite low level that could not induce meiotic recombination, thereafter Spo11 expression increased and Dmc1 expression was initiated in early meiotic prophase. Hence, the antibodies against eel Spo11 and Dmc1 generated in the present study can be use to detect germ cells in early meiotic prophase immunohistochemically. Importantly, it is suggested that germ cells, which are in quite earlier stage during meiotic prophase, can be detected by Spo11.[1]


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