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Effect of estradiol-17beta on PGF and total protein content in bovine uterine flushings and peripheral plasma concentration of 13, 14-dihydro-15-keto-PGF(2alpha).

Two experiments were conducted to examine the effect of estradiol-17beta (E(2)-17beta) on content of immunoreactive prostagladin F(2)alpha ( PGF, ng) and total protein (TUP, mg) in uterine flushings, as well as concentrations of 13, 14-dihydro-15-keto-PGF(2)alpha (PGFM) in plasma (Pg/ml). In experiment 1, Holstein heifers were utilized in a single reversal trial in which either E(2)-17beta (3 mg in 2 ml saline/ethanol 50:50; n=5) or vehicle alone (n=6) were given intravenously on day 14 or 15 of the estrous cycle (Period 1) following an induced estrus (day of estrus = day 0). Treatment (Trt) groups were reversed in Period 2 (Day 14 or 15 of the second estrous cycle). Jugular venous plasma was obtained before treatment (Oh), and at 5, 6, and 9h posttreatment (PT). Uterine flushings were collected nonsurgically in vivo , per cervix, via Foley catheter at 6h PT (20 ml of .9% saline per uterine horn). E(2)-17beta did not significantly alter (E(2)-17beta vs vehicle; x(-) +/- S.E.M.) PGF (1674 +/- .11 +/- 338.39 vs 1889.91 +/- 400.24 ng; P> .10) or TUP (33.25 +/- 2.57 vs 39.16 +/- 3.04 mg; P > .10). However, E(2)-17beta increased (P < .05) plasma PGFM (E(2)-17beta vs vehicle) after treatment (0h, 113.2 vs 163.8; 5h, 312.5 vs 203.9; 6h, 324.5 vs 198.0; 9h, 323.2 vs 246.8, pg/ml). In experiment 2, crossbred beef cattle received comparable treatments of either E(2)-17beta (n=5) or vehicle (n=5) on day 14 or 15 postestrus. Jugular venous plasma was obtained at 0h PT, and at 6h PT. Uterine flushings (1.9% saline, 20 ml per uterine horn) and peripheral plasma were collected at slaughter. Estradiol-17beta increased PGF (30.07 +/- 5.94 vs 8.46 +/- 2.01 ng; P> <.05) in uterine flushings as well as PGFM in plasma (E(2)-17beta : 55.82 +/- 19.13 pg/ml, at 0h and 89.31 +/- 14.02 pg/ml, at 6h, vs saline: 103.46 +/- 50.73 pg/ml, at 0h and 17.78 +/- 14.22, at 6h). Estradiol-17beta stimulated uterine production and release of PGF and protein as measured in flushings (experiment 2) as well as plasma PGFM responses (experiments 1 and 2). Uterine and/or cervical stimulation of experiment 1 may have masked uterine response to E(2)-17beta.[1]


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