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Involvement of the RAF1 locus, at band 3p25, in the 3p deletion of small-cell lung cancer.

The ability to establish long-term cell lines of small-cell lung cancer (SCLC) has provided an in vitro model for the disease. We report on the characterization of 10 new human SCLC cell lines established from 34 cytopathologically positive specimens. Based on morphologic and biochemical characterization, growth properties, and expression of MYC and neuroendocrine properties, eight cell lines were categorized as "classic" and two cell lines as "variant". Cytogenetic examination revealed loss of all or part of 3p in all nine SCLC cell lines analyzed. The smallest deletion in common was found at 3p21-3p25. Restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP) analyses with probes for 3p were performed for correlation with karyotypic data and supported the cytogenetic findings. In 21 SCLC specimens (cell lines and tumor tissue) with normal DNA, used for comparison, we observed loss of heterozygosity at RAF1 (3p25) in ten of ten informative pairs by using two RFLPs from the RAF1 locus. In addition, loss of heterozygosity was noted in nine of 10 pairs examined with DNF15S2 (3p21) and four of four with D3S3 (3p14). Analysis of cell lines and tumor specimens that lacked paired normal tissue showed a homozygous pattern with the RAF1 probes in all 18 cases. Northern blots revealed significant expression of RAF1 in all cell lines tested. The transcript size was normal. The cytogenetic and RFLP data suggest that the RAF1 locus at 3p25 is involved in the chromosomal deletion of SCLC.[1]


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