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Preliminary pharmaceutico-analytical evaluation of transkarbam 12 using liquid chromatography.

This paper deals with the search for optimal conditions for the identification of Transkarbam 12 (T 12) as a substance used for acceleration of transdermal penetration. Such substances are used in cases when drugs do not pass through the skin barrier under normal conditions. Other advantages are that they do not irritate the digestive system, provide continuous administration to an organism, and reduce fluctuations of drug concentration in blood. TLC and HPLC were used for identification. In the case of TLC, Silufol UV254 was used as stationary phase and the mobile phase consisted of chloroform, ethanol, and acetic acid. Detection was performed with iodine vapour. In the case of HPLC, the following three chromatographic columns were tested for the analysis of T 12: Silasorb SPH C 18, Silasorb SPH nitrile, and LiChrosorb Si-60. Because of the absence of any chromophore in the structure of T 12, work was performed on the derivatized compound. Detection was carried out at 230 nm. Quantification was studied on LiChrosorb Si-60 and the linearity, precision, and accuracy were evaluated.[1]


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