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From Ultraslow to Fast Lithium Diffusion in the 2D Ion Conductor Li0.7TiS2 Probed Directly by Stimulated-Echo NMR and Nuclear Magnetic Relaxation.

7Li stimulated-echo NMR and classical relaxation NMR techniques are jointly used for the first time for a comprehensive investigation of Li diffusion in layer-structured Li0.7TiS2. One single 2D Li diffusion process was probed over a dynamic range of almost 10 orders of magnitude. So far, this is the largest dynamic range being measured by 7Li NMR spectroscopy directly, i.e., without the help of a specific theoretical model. The jump rates obey a strict Arrhenius law, determined by an activation energy of 0.41(1) eV and a preexponential factor of 6.3(1)x10;{12} s;{-1}, and range between 1x10;{-1} s;{-1} and 7.8x10;{8} s;{-1} (148-510 K). Ultraslow Li jumps in the kHz to sub-Hz range were measured directly by recording 7Li spin-alignment correlation functions. The temperature and, in particular, the frequency dependence of the relaxation rates fully agree with results expected for 2D diffusion.[1]


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