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CAP interacts with cytoskeletal proteins and regulates adhesion-mediated ERK activation and motility.

CAP/Ponsin belongs to the SoHo family of adaptor molecules that includes ArgBP2 and Vinexin. These proteins possess an N-terminal sorbin homology (SoHo) domain and three C-terminal SH3 domains that bind to diverse signaling molecules involved in a variety of cellular processes. Here, we show that CAP binds to the cytoskeletal proteins paxillin and vinculin. CAP localizes to cell-extracellular matrix ( ECM) adhesion sites, and this process requires binding to vinculin. Overexpression of CAP induces the aggregation of paxillin, vinculin and actin at cell- ECM adhesion sites. Moreover, CAP inhibits adhesion-dependent processes such as cell spreading and focal adhesion turnover, whereas a CAP mutant that is unable to localize to cell- ECM adhesion sites is incapable of exerting these effects. Finally, depletion of CAP by siRNA-mediated knockdown leads to enhanced cell spreading, migration and the activation of the PAK/MEK/ ERK pathway in REF52 cells. Taken together, these results indicate that CAP is a cytoskeletal adaptor protein involved in modulating adhesion-mediated signaling events that lead to cell migration.[1]


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