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The distal region of 11p13 and associated genetic diseases.

The distal region of human chromosome band 11p13 is believed to contain a cluster of genes involved in the development of the eye, kidney, urogenital tract, and possibly the nervous system. Genetic abnormalities of this region can lead to Wilms tumor, aniridia, urogenital abnormalities, and mental retardation ( WAGR syndrome). Using 11 DNA markers covering the entire distal region of 11p13, including the WAGR region, we have carried out molecular studies on 58 patients with one or more features of this syndrome and patients with other diseases or structural cytogenetic abnormalities associated with 11p13. Cytogenetic analyses were performed in all cases. In 12 patients we were able to demonstrate deletions of this region. In 2 patients balanced translocations and in 2 additional patients duplications of this region were characterized. In total, 5 chromosomal breakpoints within 11p13 were identified. One of these breakpoints maps within the smallest region of overlap of WAGR deletions. Moreover, we were unable to demonstrate constitutional deletions in a candidate sequence for the Wilms tumor gene or any other marker in 2 patients with aniridia and urogenital abnormalities, 4 patients with Wilms tumor and urogenital abnormalities, 5 patients with bilateral Wilms tumors, and 3 familial Wilms tumor cases. We suggest that the molecular techniques used here (heterozygosity testing for polymorphic markers mapping between AN2 and WT1 and deletion analysis by dosage, cytogenetic analysis, or in situ hybridization) can be employed to identify sporadic aniridia patients with and without increased tumor risk.[1]


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