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Human mitochondrial ATP synthase: cloning cDNA for the nuclear-encoded precursor of coupling factor 6.

Coupling factor 6 (F6) is a component of mitochondrial ATP synthase which is required for the interactions of the catalytic and proton-translocating segments. A human fetal muscle cDNA clone encoding this protein was isolated by screening a lambda gt10 library with oligodeoxyribonucleotide probes. The 497-bp F6 cDNA included a 96-bp segment that delineated a presequence of 32 amino acids (aa) in the precursor protein, and 140 bp of 3'-untranslated sequence. The remainder of the cDNA sequence coded for a mature human F6 protein of 76 aa. The deduced primary aa sequence showed 81% homology to that of bovine F6, differing in 14 aa. Almost all of these aa substitutions were conservative and comparison of the hydropathy profiles revealed a similar pattern.[1]


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