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CREM gene: use of alternative DNA-binding domains generates multiple antagonists of cAMP-induced transcription.

We isolated a gene from a mouse pituitary cDNA library that encodes a protein highly homologous to nuclear factor CREB, an activator of cAMP-responsive promoter elements (CREs). We demonstrate that while CREB is expressed uniformly in several cell types, this gene, termed CREM, shows cell-specific expression. CREM has a remarkable organization, since down-stream of the stop codon there is a second, out-of-frame DNA-binding domain. Using PCR and RNAase protection analysis, we have identified three mRNA isoforms that appear to be obtained by differential cell-specific splicing. Sequencing of the isoforms demonstrated alternative usage of the two DNA-binding domains. CREM proteins reveal the same efficiency and specificity of binding to CRE sequences as CREB, but in contrast to CREB, CREM acts as a down-regulator of cAMP-induced transcription.[1]


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