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Alpha 1-adrenoceptor augmentation of beta-stimulated cAMP formation is enhanced by estrogen and reduced by progesterone in rat hypothalamic slices.

These experiments examined the influence of estradiol and progesterone given in vivo on norepinephrine (NE) regulation of cAMP synthesis in hypothalamic and preoptic area slices in vitro. Administration of progesterone to estrogen-primed female rats attenuated NE-induced slice cAMP accumulation. This hormone-dependent reduction in NE-stimulated cAMP synthesis was observed in slices incubated with TTX and in slices prepared from hypophysectomized rats, suggesting that progesterone effects on NE receptor activation of cAMP-generating systems are not secondary to the release of neurotransmitters that inhibit adenylyl cyclase or to changes in pituitary hormone secretion. Progesterone suppression of NE-induced cAMP formation could be prevented by incubating slices in the presence of a phorbol ester. In additional studies, the activity of beta-NE receptors was assessed by measuring isoproterenol (ISO)-stimulated cAMP accumulation in the presence of the phosphodiesterase inhibitor RO-20-1724, and the activity of alpha 1 receptors was evaluated by measuring phenylephrine (PHE) augmentation of the ISO response. Estradiol reduced the cAMP response to ISO in both hypothalamic and preoptic area slices, and this effect was not reversed by subsequent progesterone treatment. Estradiol also enhanced PHE augmentation of ISO-stimulated cAMP synthesis. Moreover, administration of progesterone subsequent to estradiol eliminated alpha 1-receptor augmentation of the ISO response. An alpha 1 enhancement of the ISO response is observed if the progestin receptor antagonist RU 38486 is administered before progesterone. Progesterone also abolished PHE potentiation of vasoactive intestinal polypeptide-stimulated cAMP accumulation. In contrast, neither phorbol ester nor muscarinic (carbachol) potentiation of the cAMP response to ISO was affected by progesterone. The data suggest that ovarian steroids regulate the coupling of both alpha 1 and beta receptors to the membrane effector systems that generate intracellular cAMP.[1]


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