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Both genes for EF-Tu in Salmonella typhimurium are individually dispensable for growth.

Each of the two genes encoding EF-Tu in Salmonella typhimurium has been inactivated using a mini-Mu MudJ insertion. Eleven independently isolated insertions are described, six in tufA and five in tufB. Transduction analysis shows that the inserted MudJ is 100% linked to the appropriate tuf gene. A mutant strain with electrophoretically distinguishable EF-TuA and EF-TuB was used to show, on two-dimensional gels, that the MudJ insertions result in the loss of the appropriate EF-Tu protein. Southern blotting, using cloned Escherichia coli tuf sequences as probes, shows that each MudJ insertion results in the physical breakage of the appropriate tuf gene. The degree of growth-rate impairment associated with each tuf inactivation is independent of which tuf gene is inactivated. The viability of S. typhimurium strains with either tuf gene inactive contrasts strongly with data suggesting that in the closely related bacterium E. coli, an active tufA gene is essential for growth. Finally the strains described here facilitate the analysis of phenotypes associated with individual mutant or wild-type Tus both in vivo and in vitro.[1]


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