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Effects of timing of food and fluid volume on cefetamet pivoxil absorption in healthy normal volunteers.

Cefetamet pivoxil (1,000 mg orally) absorption was evaluated in 16 male subjects (age, 23.4 +/- 1.7 years; weight, 73.9 +/- 7.0 kg) 1 h before (BE), with (WI), and 1 h after (AF) a standard breakfast. The time to peak concentration of cefetamet in plasma (Tmax) was increased from 3.25 +/- 1.44 h in the BE group to 4.31 +/- 1.54 and 4.13 +/- 1.54 h in the WI and AF groups, respectively (P less than 0.05). The maximum cefetamet concentration in plasma (Cmax) and the area under the plasma cefetamet concentration-time profiles (AUC) in the BE, WI, and AF groups were 5.50 +/- 1.06, 5.47 +/- 1.4, and 6.57 +/- 0.93 micrograms/ml and 38.2 +/- 10.1, 35.7 +/- 11.9, and 42.8 +/- 6.8 micrograms.h/ml, respectively. The Cmax and AUC values were not different between the BE and WI groups (P greater than 0.05). However, differences in these values were found between the WI and AF groups (P less than 0.05). The effect of fluid volume intake on cefetamet pivoxil (1,000 mg orally) absorption was evaluated in 12 male subjects (age, 23.8 +/- 2.3 years; weight, 74.9 +/- 9.0 kg) under fasted and WI conditions. Increasing fluid volume intake from 250 to 450 ml under the fasted condition had no effect on the absorption of the prodrug (Tmax, 2.50 +/- 0.52 versus 2.83 +/- 0.94 h; Cmax, 4.89 +/- 1.04 versus 4.84 +/- 0.89 micrograms/ml; AUC, 29.6 +/- 5.1 versus 30.7 +/- 7.1 micrograms.h/ml; P greater than 0.05. Thus, independent of fluid volume intake, cefetamet pivoxil absorption is enhanced when it is given within 1 h of a meal, and it is recommended that the prodrug should be taken during this period of increased bioavailability.[1]


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