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Editing of kinetoplastid mitochondrial mRNAs by uridine addition and deletion generates conserved amino acid sequences and AUG initiation codons.

RNA editing is a novel type of mRNA processing in the kinetoplastid mitochondrion that involves the co- or posttranscriptional addition of uridine residues within transcripts. The result is an mRNA nucleotide sequence which differs from that of the corresponding gene. We have found that RNA editing may also occur through the deletion of genome-encoded uridines from the RNA sequence. Uridine additions and deletions in the 5' ends of the COIII, MURF2, and MURF3 transcripts create new N-terminal amino acid sequences that are conserved between species, and new AUG initiation codons in several cases. These results suggest that the creation of new amino acid sequences and methionine initiation codons may be important functions of RNA editing in the kinetoplastid mitochondrion.[1]


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