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Effect of immunosuppressive therapy on humoral immune response in multiple sclerosis.

The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of various therapeutic regimens on: 1) intrathecal IgG synthesis on the basis of IgG Index value, 2) oligoclonal IgG spectrum visualized by SDS-PAGE of unconcentrated CSF, 3) CSF antibody specific activity against MBP estimated by solid phase RIA and expressed in cpm/micrograms IgG, and 4) immune complex ( CIC) level in the CSF estimated by C1q binding solid phase RIA. CSF antibody against Gal-C and ganglioside was also estimated. Patients with clinically definite MS were selected according to 4 therapeutic regimens: group 1, subjected to Mega-dose prednisone therapy (4000 mg over 54 days), group 2, subjected to moderate dose prednisone therapy, group 3 subjected to Mega-dose Solu-Medrol therapy (7500 mg over 10 days), and group 4, subjected to intravenous Cyclophosphamide therapy (4000 mg over 10 days). This last group was characterized by chronic progressive course of disease. Intrathecal IgG production was significantly reduced in all 4 groups as a result of therapy. More pronounced reduction was obtained in Mega-dose prednisone (p below 0.001) and CY (p below 0.001) treated group. Therapeutic regimens did not influence the IgG oligoclonal pattern. The moderate dose prednisone therapy and Mega-dose Solu-Medrol therapy on CSF IgG anti-MBP antibody specific activity were less effective than the Mega-dose prednisone medication. CY therapy did not influence anti-MBP antibody specific activity in MS group characterized by chronic progressive course of disease. The influence of therapeutic regimens on elevated CIC level in the CSF was insignificant. In our study CSF the anti-galactocerebroside antibody appeared to be of IgM class.[1]


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