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Reduction-modifiable properties of Moloney murine leukemia virus gp70 as an indicator of envelope glycoprotein heterogeneity.

We have found that preparations of rate-zonal purified Moloney murine leukemia virus originally obtained from the National Cancer Institute Resources Program, when separated by SDS-PAGE in the absence of mercaptoethanol (beta-MSH), exhibited a doublet envelope glycoprotein band of approximately 69/67 kD. When the same samples were run in the presence of beta-MSH, a single band at 70 kD (gp70) was observed. Western blot analysis with polyclonal antiserum identified both the 69- and 67-kD bands as envelope gene products. Tryptic peptide mapping of each of the gp67 and gp69 bands confirmed the serological data, with each showing conserved as well as unique peptides. These results imply that the Moloney murine leukemia virus samples examined above contain two structurally different envelope gene products. Western blot analysis using ecotropic and dualtropic specific sera suggest that gp69 is derived from an ecotropic virus, while gp67 is from a dualtropic virus. This is consistent with the results of an earlier study which showed that the majority of the cysteines (4/5) in dualtropic gp70 are lost by a single deletion relative to the ecotropic gp70 species. This would account for the difference in mobility observed in the SDS-PAGE profile in the absence of beta-MSH. It would indicate that the cysteines play an important role in defining structural differences that separate the ecotropic and dualtropic gp70s.[1]


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