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Mapping and characterization of an X-linked processed gene related to MYCL1.

A DNA sequence with homology to the myc family of proto-oncogenes has been characterized and found to be a processed gene related to L-MYC (MYCL1). This processed gene (MYCL2) was isolated by cross-hybridization to an oligonucleotide probe synthesized from the C-MYC (MYC) sequence in a highly conserved region of the myc gene family. Sequence analysis of MYCL2 revealed an open reading frame of 1194 bp with no intervening sequences and strong homology to the recently published DNA sequence of MYCL1. Southern and Northern blot analyses of DNAs and RNAs from small cell lung carcinomas confirmed its MYCL1 homology. Mapping of MYCL2 by somatic cell hybrids places this sequence on the long arm of the X chromosome in bands q22----q28.[1]


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