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Major "enamelin" protein in enamel of developing bovine teeth is albumin.

The major, non-amelogenin protein component (enamelin) present in EDTA or EDTA-GU HCl extracts of developing bovine enamel has a molecular weight of approximately 67 kD and an amino acid composition rich in asp, glu, ala, leuc and lys. Elution of this component from 1.5 and 3.0 mm thick strips SDS-PAGE gels and subsequent analyses show that the component selectively reacts with polyclonal antibody to bovine serum albumin. Absolute identification of this major enamelin component as serum albumin is established by an amino acid sequence of the first 40 N-Terminal amino acids which was found to be identical to bovine serum albumin. In addition to albumin, alpha-2 HS glycoprotein was also identified in the same extracts by Western blotting against a monospecific polyclonal antibody against human alpha-2 HS glycoprotein.[1]


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