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Biochemical and immunochemical study of lysyl oxidase in experimental hepatic fibrosis in the rat.

Lysyl oxidase catalyzes the crosslinking of collagen and elastin. Lysyl oxidase activity was measured and localized in rat liver during the evolution of hepatic fibrosis induced by CCl4. Enzyme activity measured with DL-[6-3H]-lysine-labeled collagen substrates in liver and plasma increased sharply after approximately 3 wk of injection, reached a maximum at 6 wk, and then decreased. The increase in activity correlated histologically with early connective tissue septa formation, and the magnitude of increase was significantly greater than that found for the intracellular collagen biosynthetic enzymes protocollagen prolyl hydroxylase and lysyl hydroxylase. Indirect immunofluorescence studies showed that lysyl oxidase was present in association with collagen in the extracellular space. However, it was not possible to correlate the distribution pattern with a particular liver cell type. These observations suggest that serial measurements of lysyl oxidase activity in liver or plasma may be useful for correlating changes in connective tissue formation with histologic connective tissue deposition.[1]


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