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Peroral toxicity of Orange RN in pigs. Early haemotological changes.

Earlier experiments with Orange RN in rats have shown several changes in the blood i.g. induction of Heinz bodies, methaemoglobinaemia and reduction of RBC (J.F. Gaunt et al., Fd. Cosmet. Toxicol., 1971, 9, 619). Similarly induction of Heinz bodies, reduction of RBC and a rise in reticulocytes were demonstrated at our institute in pigs following a few weeks administration of Orange RN (P. Olsen et al., Toxicology, 1973, 101, 249). The purpose of this study has been to investigate the degree and the induction time of Heinz bodies and changes in the number of reticulocytes and RBC in pigs during the first 18 days. After a few days marked alterations in the blood picture were seen. Heinz bodies increased from a few or none to 65% of the erythrocytes in the highest dose group (320 mg/kg bw/day) and to 30% in the lowest dose group (160 mg/kg bw/day). In addition a marked decrease in RBC and a rise in reticulocytes were seen in the highest dose group.[1]


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