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Fatty acyl-coenzyme A is required for budding of transport vesicles from Golgi cisternae.

We describe a new role for fatty acylation. Conditions were established under which vesicular transport from the cis to the medial Golgi compartment in vitro depends strongly upon the addition of a fatty acyl-coenzyme A, e.g., palmitoyl-CoA. Using an inhibitor of long-chain acyl-CoA synthetase, we demonstrate that the fatty acid has to be activated by CoA to stimulate transport. A nonhydrolyzable analog of palmitoyl-CoA competitively inhibits transport. Electron microscopy and biochemical studies show that fatty acyl-CoA is required for budding of (non-clathrin-) coated transport vesicles from Golgi cisternae and that budding is inhibited by the nonhydrolyzable analog.[1]


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