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Monoclonal antibody to a membrane glycoprotein inhibits the acrosome reaction and associated Ca2+ and H+ fluxes of sea urchin sperm.

Monoclonal antibodies were prepared using sea urchin (Strongylocentrotus purpuratus) sperm or isolated sperm plasma membrane vesicles as immunogen. Two monoclonal antibodies, J4/4 and J10/14, react with different epitopes on external domains of the same Mr = 210,000 integral-membrane glycoprotein. At Fab fragment concentrations of equivalent cell surface binding, J10/14 inhibits the egg jelly-induced exocytotic acrosome reaction and associated Ca2+ influx and H+ efflux, whereas J4/4 does not. Immunofluorescent localization shows that both monoclonal antibodies react with a narrow collar of plasma membrane over the acrosomal complex and also with the entire flagellum.[1]


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