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Chemoattractant-elicited increases in myosin phosphorylation in Dictyostelium.

Cyclic AMP stimulation of chemotactically competent Dictyostelium amebas labeled with [32P]orthophosphate transiently increases phosphorylation in the heavy chain and the 18,000 dalton light chain of myosin. Immediately before the increase, heavy chain phosphorylation transiently decreases. These phosphorylation changes also occur when cAMP-induced activation of adenylate cyclase is blocked by pretreatment of amebas with caffeine. The time course of these phosphorylation responses correlates with the shape changes induced in amebas exposed to a temporal increase in cAMP concentration. The dose dependence of the phosphorylation responses is the same as that previously determined for chemotaxis. The phosphorylation responses exhibit adaptation properties in common with those of the shape change response and chemotaxis. Increases in the rate of myosin heavy chain and light chain phosphorylation can be observed in vitro by stimulating unlabeled amebas with cAMP and then lysing the cells into a gamma-[32P]ATP-containing reaction mixture.[1]


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