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The cryptic tetracycline resistance determinant on Tn4400 mediates tetracycline degradation as well as tetracycline efflux.

Escherichia coli containing the cryptic tetracycline resistance determinant (class F) from the Bacteroides fragilis transposon Tn4400 on plasmid pGAT400 expressed a detoxification of tetracycline as well as an active efflux of tetracycline. This finding concurs with the report of detoxification for a related tetracycline resistance determinant from B. fragilis on Tn4351 (B. S. Speer and A. Salyers, J. Bacteriol. 170:1423-1429, 1987), which specifies a 10-fold-higher resistance than Tn4400. Inactivation of tetracycline occurred at an initial rate of congruent to 0.7 micrograms of tetracycline per h per 10(8) cells, as determined by biologic assay and chromatographic analysis. The detoxification is a chemical degradation which can occur in the absence of energy-dependent efflux. The products of this degradation were not substrates for active transport into susceptible cells or out of pGAT400-containing E. coli. These results indicate that Tn4400 mediates two functionally different mechanisms for tetracycline resistance: an active efflux of tetracycline and a degradation of tetracycline.[1]


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