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A spectrophotometric solid-phase fibrin-tissue plasminogen activator activity assay (SOFIA-tPA) for high-fibrin-affinity tissue plasminogen activators.

A new spectrophotometric solid-phase fibrin-tissue plasminogen activator activity assay (SOFIA-tPA), specific for the quantitation of tissue plasminogen activators, is described. The method is based on (1) the high-affinity binding (Kp = 1.4 +/- 2 nM) of tPA to a solid-phase fibrin network constructed by thrombin proteolysis of fibrinogen covalently coupled to polyglutaraldehyde-activated polyvinyl chloride microtiter plates, and (2) the subsequent development of PA activity by the fibrin-tPA complex and its measurement with a coupled assay using a chromogenic substrate highly selective for plasmin. Conditions were chosen such that the rate of para-nitroaniline release from the substrate is directly proportional to the concentration of tPA. The support is able to isolate tPA from the bulk of proteins present in any biological fluid allowing the assay to specifically detect tPA activity (range: 0.01 to 50 IU/ml) even in the presence of other activators, proteases, and inhibitors. Since the assay is done in a well-defined reaction mixture (the fibrin-tPA complex, plasminogen, and the synthetic substrate), kinetics studies using pure or crude tPA can be performed. Standard curves (rate measurement and endpoint methods) were made using the international standard (preparation 83/517) for tPA.[1]


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