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Influence of S9 mix in the induction of SOS system by quercetin.

The induction of recA, umuC and sfiA genes by quercetin was studied in the presence and in the absence of S9 mix. The inducing activity of quercetin is higher for sfiA than for recA and umuC genes in the absence of S9 mix. The putative genotoxic metabolites of quercetin produced by S9 mix display different inducing activities of the three SOS genes as compared to quercetin. The induction of sfiA gene is decreased by the presence of S9 mix, whereas an opposite effect was observed concerning umuC and recA. These data suggest that the error-prone repair pathway participates in mutagenesis by quercetin and its metabolites. Moreover, the type of DNA damage exerted by quercetin seems to be determined by its metabolic fate. The importance of testing for the induction of other SOS genes, together with sfiA, in the study of SOS functions as a genotoxic index is emphasized.[1]


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