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Plasma heparin cofactor II in alcoholic liver disease.

The coagulation inhibitor heparin cofactor II (HC II) was measured in various liver diseases and compared with antithrombin (AT), Normotest (NT), albumin and bilirubin. The lowest mean HC II level was found in alcoholic cirrhosis and the reduction reflected the degree of liver failure. A statistically significant association was found between HC II and AT (r = 0.79), NT (r = 0.71) and albumin (r = 0.66) (P less than 0.001), and there was a negative association between HC II and bilirubin (r = -0.55, P less than 0.001). HC II values below 42% in alcoholic cirrhosis seem to indicate a poor prognosis, since nine out of 18 patients with such recordings died. In contrast, no association between mortality and AT, NT and albumin levels was observed. In conclusion, HC II seems to be a reliable liver function test. It may serve as a prognostic indicator and in that respect it may be superior to NT and AT. The site of production is most probably the hepatocyte.[1]


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