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Iris fluorescein angiography and fluorescein gonioscopic photography after implantation of Choyce Mk IX anterior chamber lenses.

Patients underwent intracapsular cataract extraction and implantation of a Choyce Mk IX anterior chamber intraocular lens. At fluorescein angiography (FAG) at a mean of 8 months post-operatively, 9 showed leaking from the iridal vessels, and 3 were normal: Three cases were excluded because of factors affecting the iris FAG. At a mean of 37 months 5 still had a slight degree of leakage. No primarily negative iris FAG changed to positive later. Fluorescein gonioscopic photography (FGP) revealed leakage in 29.5% of the tips of the foot plates at a mean of 37 months. No correlation was observable between FGP and gonioscopy. The pupillary deformation quotient DQ (greatest: smallest pupillary diameter) was significantly greater at a mean of 8 months in the eyes with leakage in iris FAG than in eyes without leakage (P = 0.0145). Individually a change both in direction against normalisation and in elongation was recorded during the observation time.[1]


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