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Immunologic abnormalities in patients with malignant lymphoproliferative diseases.

The B- and T-lymphocyte distribution was studied in 45 patients with malignant lymphoproliferative diseases. Eight patients with untreated Hodgkin's disease had normal mean percentages of complement receptor lymphocyte ( CRL) cells and T-cells; however, the mean absolute number of T-cells was decreased. T-lymphocytes were also decreased in 3 patients with Hodgkin's disease treated 7-24 months previously. The number of T-lymphocytes increased markedly in all patients after treatment. Lymphocyte surface markers in non-Hodgkin's lymphoma showed distinctive patterns. Patients with leukemic reticuloendotheliosis or "hairy cell leukemia" characteristically had low percentages of CRL but normal or increased percentages of surface immunoglobulin-positive lymphocytes. The mean percentage and number of T-lymphocytes in this group were normal. Eight patients with nodular lymphocytic lymphoma and 2 patients with nodular lymphocytic-histiocytic lymphoma had normal mean numbers of CRL but decreased numbers of T-lymphocytes. Of 6 patients with diffuse lymphocytic lymphoma, 4 had elevated percentages and numbers of CRL. Despite low percentages, normal numbers of T-lymphocytes were found in 3 of these patients.[1]


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