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Molecular genetics of met 17 and met 25 mutants of Saccharomyces cerevisiae: intragenic complementation between mutations of a single structural gene.

We cloned the MET 17 gene of Saccharomyces cerevisiae by functional complementation after transformation of a yeast met 17 mutant. Restriction mapping and nucleotide sequencing of the MET 17 clones revealed that these were from the same genomic region as clones isolated previously and shown to contain the MET 25 gene encoding the enzyme O-acetylhomoserine, O-acetylserine sulphydrylase (OAH-OAS sulphydrylase). Transformation studies with MET 25 clones showed that the MET 17 and MET 25 functions were both endoced in a single transcription unit. We conclude that met 17 and met 25 are both mutations in the structural gene for the OAH-OAS sulphydrylase subunit and that each affects a different functional domain of the enzyme allowing subunit complementation in the met 17 X met 25 diploid. Enzyme assays indicated that the diploid, although not requiring methionine, had a low OAH-OAS sulphydrylase activity (10% of wild type). This is consistent with MET 17 and MET 25 being the same gene. We found that both met 17 and met 25 mutants were devoid of 3' phospho-adenosine 5' phospho-sulphite (PAPS) reductase activity and that this activity was fully restored in the met 17 X met 25 diploid. The possible interactions between OAH-OAS sulphydrylase and PAPS reductase are discussed.[1]


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