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Visual field defects, cup-disc ratio and fluorescein angiography in glaucomatous optic atrophy.

Fluorescein angiography was carried out in 150 glaucoma subjects. Among them 94 subjects were selected to evaluate the correlation between functional loss and the findings of fluorescein angiography in the optic disc. The intensity of fluorescence was assessed in the superficial reticular capillaries and radial epipapillary capillaries. Functional loss was estimated by the visual field defects and cup-disc ratio. A marked decrease in the capillaries was seen in accordance with the increase in the cup-disc ratio. Also, the intensity of fluorescence in the optic disc paralleled the change in the visual field: the greater the deterioration in the visual field, the fewer the capillaries in the optic nerve head and vice versa. The fluorograms of 94 subjects were placed in one out of six groups, i.e. (1) normal, (2) arcuate scotoma, (3) superior or inferior nasal defects, (4) superior or inferior defects, (5) central residue or (6) temporal residue. The common factors correlating the fluorescein angiography in the glaucomatous optic disc with visual field loss were explored in 94 subjects, and it was possible to predict the visual field change from the capillary distribution in the glaucomatous optic disc.[1]


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