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The effects of precocene treatment on egg wax production in Gené's organ and egg viability in the cattle tick Boophilus microplus (Acarina Ixodidae): an ultrastructural study.

Wax synthesis by Gené's organ, the egg waxing organ of ticks, is by precocene treatment of engorged female Boophilus microplus, resulting in desiccated nonviable eggs due to the absence of a waterproofing wax layer. Electron microscopy shows that precocene has a destructive effect on the glandular cells of Gené's organ. The precocene also inhibited in vitro wax synthesis by the gland cells, indicating a selective cytotoxic effect. Oogenesis and oviposition were otherwise unaffected, also suggesting that precocene affects the gland cells directly, rather than indirectly by antagonism of juvenile hormone.[1]


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