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Differential expression of trophoblast lymphocyte cross-reactive ( TLX) antigens on T and B lymphocytes.

Heterologous sera raised to human trophoblast ( TLX antisera) have been shown to recognize peripheral blood lymphocytes (PBL); in unrelated studies noncytotoxic Fc receptors blocking B lymphocyte antibodies have been found in the sera of women during normal pregnancies. This study aimed to determine whether (a) there was any relation between Fc receptor blocking and cytotoxic anti-TLX activity in ten TLX sera and (b) different reactivity patterns arose when ten TLX antisera were tested in the cytotoxicity assay against separated T and B lymphocytes. Independent factor analysis showed four antisera with T lymphocytotoxicity patterns giving a loading high on one mathematical factor and low on a second. Three sera shared the opposite pattern and three were intermediate. The groups were similar but more discrete than those obtained when PBL were used as targets. Patterns of B lymphocytoxicity were dissimilar from T and both differed from the erythrocyte antibody rosette inhibition activity. Activity did not correlate with the HLA-A, -B, or -DR types carried by the panel cells. These data indicate that TLX antisera contain antibodies directly cytotoxic to antigens differentially expressed on T and B lymphocytes and that noncytotoxic Fc receptor blocking antibodies are not associated with any TLX groupings.[1]


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