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Summating potential and water balance in Meniere's disease.

The summating potentials (SP) to free-field 1-, 2-, 4-, and 8-kHz, 90-dB HL tone bursts were recorded by means of transtympanic electrocochleography in 45 patients divided into three groups: those with Meniere's disease, those whose diagnosis was uncertain, and control subjects. The similarities across frequencies between the human SP (promontory) and the experimental SP ( DIF component from basal turn) suggest that the SP recorded in electrocochleography originates mostly from the base of the cochlea; negative values were observed at low frequencies (1 to 2 kHz), positive values at high frequencies (8 kHz). Patients with Meniere's disease showed significantly larger SP values than control subjects. The effect of orally administered glycerol on the SP and action potential amplitudes was evaluated by means of automated recordings repeated every 5 minutes. Summating potential values were remarkably constant in the control group. A decrease in SP absolute amplitude was observed in most patients with Meniere's disease and some subjects with uncertain diagnoses, specifically at low frequencies. These changes were frequently associated with action potential amplitude and auditory threshold improvements at low frequencies. It is assumed that the glycerol-induced SP changes at low frequencies are related to modifications in the low frequency mechanical response of the basilar membrane at the basal turn.[1]


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