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Partition of alkane by an extracellular vesicle derived from hexadecane-grown Acinetobacter.

The enhanced solubility of hexadecane in the growth medium of hexadecane-grown Acinetobacter species has been related to the accumulation of an extracellular vesicular component. The partition of hexadecane was determined by measuring the amount of [3H]hexadecane bound to the vesicular particle. The vesicle was characterized as a phospholipid-rich, lipopolysaccharide-rich particle with a polypeptide composition similar to the outer membrane of Acinetobacter. The accumulation of an extracellular vesicular component that binds hexadecane in the form of a microemulsion represents another example of molecules produced by microorganisms in response to paraffinic substrates.[1]


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