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Identification of the vaccinia hemagglutinin polypeptide from a cell system yielding large amounts of extracellular enveloped virus.

HeLa, SIRC, and RK-13 cells were compared as to their production of intracellular naked vaccinia virus (INV) and extracellular enveloped vaccinia virus (EEV) after infection with vaccinia strains WR and IHD-J. IHD-J produced more EEV from all three cell lines than did WR, although both strains produced approximately the same quantity of INV. The most efficient EEV release was from RK-13 cells infected with IHD-J, which was 200 times more than from WR-infected SIRC cells. This permitted for the first time the purification of milligram quantities of EEV that contained much fewer cell protein contaminants than could be obtained from HeLa or SIRC cells. The INV surface proteins 200K, 95K, 65K, and 13K were present in both HeLa and RK-13 cell-derived INV but were absent in SIRC cell INV. These proteins were absent in EEV from all three cell lines. Four glycoproteins of molecular weights 210 x 10(3) (210K), 110K, 89K, and 42K and five glycoproteins in the 23K to 20K range plus a nonglycosylated protein of 37K were detected in EEV from the hemagglutinin-positive IHD-J vaccinia strain. The 89K glycoprotein was not present in EEV or membranes from cells infected with the hemagglutinin-negative vaccinia strain IHD-W. Antisera to IHD-W lacking hemagglutinin-inhibiting antibodies did not precipitate the 89K glycoprotein of IHD-J. The only glycoprotein that specifically attached to rooster erythrocytes was the 89K glycoprotein. This evidence indicates that the 89K glycoprotein is the vaccinia hemagglutinin.[1]


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