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Neutrophil chemotaxis in rheumatoid arthritis. Effect of D-penicillamine, gold salts, and levamisole.

The effect of therapeutic concentrations of D-penicillamine, sodium aurothiomalate, and levamisole on in vitro neutrophil chemotaxis and random migration in normal subjects and patients with rheumatoid arthritis was studied. D-penicillamine produced no changes. Sodium aurothiomalate produced dose-related reductions in chemotaxis in normal subjects and in patients who had a good clinical response to gold therapy, while patients who had failed to respond to gold showed a minimal nondose dependent reduction. Levamisole produced dose-dependent stimulation of chemotaxis, a greater effect found with the patients cells. Neutrophil chemotaxis improved to normal values in most patients responding to several months of D-penicillamine treatment but showed an immediate and marked stimulation in patients treated with levamisole.[1]


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