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Two intron sequences in yeast mitochondrial COX1 gene: homology among URF-containing introns and strain-dependent variation in flanking exons.

The DNA sequences of two optional introns in the gene for subunit I of cytochome c oxidase in yeast mitochondrial DNA have been determined. Both contain long unassigned reading frames (URFs). These display regions of amino acid homology with six other URFs, two of which encode proteins involved in mitochondrial RNA splicing. Such conserved regions may thus define functionally important domains of proteins involved in RNA processing. This homology also implies that these URFs had a common ancestral sequence, which has been duplicated and dispersed around the genome. Comparison of the flanking exons in the long strain KL14-4A with their unsplit counterpart in D273-10B reveals clustered sequence differences, which lead in D273-10B to codons rarely used in exons. These differences may be linked to the loss or absence of one of the optional introns.[1]


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