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Antibodies to the core protein of lymphadenopathy-associated virus (LAV) in patients with AIDS.

Lymphadenopathy-associated virus ( LAV ), a human T- lymphotrophic retrovirus isolated from a homosexual man with lymphadenopathy, has been causally associated with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). A sensitive and specific radioimmunoprecipitation test was developed for the detection of antibodies to the major core protein of LAV , p25 (molecular weight 25,000). Antibody to LAV p25 was found in the serum of 51 of 125 AIDS patients, 81 of 113 patients with lymphadenopathy syndrome, 0 of 70 workers at the Centers for Disease Control (some of whom had handled specimens from AIDS patients), and 0 of 189 random blood donors. Of a group of 100 homosexual men from San Francisco whose serum was obtained in 1978, only one had antibody to LAV p25; in contrast, of a group of 50 homosexual men in the same community whose serum was obtained in 1984, 12 had antibodies to LAV p25.[1]


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