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Urine screening strategy employing dipstick analysis and selective culture: an evaluation.

A cost-effective urinalysis test strategy, employing screening dipstick analysis with sediment microscopy performed on urines positive for leukocyte esterase, nitrite, protein, or blood, is evaluated. Screening urine culture is done when greater than or equal to 5 WBC/HPF, greater than 10 bacteria/HPF, or yeasts are found on sediment microscopy. Predictive value, sensitivity, and specificity of the test strategy in predicting significant bacteriuria is compared with sediment microscopy, Gram staining of uncentrifuged urine and leukocyte chamber counting. Employment of the test protocol for routine urine specimens would decrease sediment microscopy by 49%, while effectively screening for significant bacteriuria with a sensitivity of 88.9% and predictive value of a negative result of 98.8%.[1]


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