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Immunoelectrophoretic analyses of common antigens between human and monkey sera.

To examine common antigens between human and monkey sera, sera from 19 kinds of monkey were investigated with crossed and rocket immunoelectrophoresis using antisera to human serum proteins. In the crossed immunoelectrophoresis, the number of precipitation lines, 40 in human and 8 in the lower primates, increased according to the order of phylogenetic classification, and the lines due to albumin and gamma-globulin were observed in all the monkey sera examined. Quantitative investigation was performed by rocket immunoelectrophoresis with 8 kinds of mono-specific anti-serum protein. Alpha 2-Macroglobulin, orosomucoid, transferrin, IgG and IgM were not observed in monkeys of Loricidae family. Relatively large amounts of orosomucoid, albumin, IgG and transferrin were detected in monkeys of Cebidae family. It was considered that the distribution of serum proteins possessing antigens common to human is not related with the order of phylogenetic classification.[1]


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