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The treatment of retained biliary stones with monooctanoin: report of 16 patients.

The aim of this study was to estimate efficacy, safety, and tolerance of monooctanoin in 16 patients with retained radiolucent biliary stones and indwelling biliary drainage. Monooctanoin was infused continuously at a rate of 3-4 ml/h. Monitoring of pressure with a manometer broken off at 20 cm prevented the development of excessive pressure in the common bile duct. The mean volume of the compound instilled (+/- SD) was 848 +/- 393 ml (range 80-1450) and the mean duration of treatment was 13 +/- 6 days (range 2-23). Monooctanoin induced disappearance of stones in 11 of 16 patients giving a success rate of 69%. Three patients exhibited a partial dissolution of stones which were then successfully removed through the postoperative T-tube. The two failures can be attributed to the type of stones mainly composed of bile pigments. Side effects from the infusion of monooctanoin were only minor and easily controlled by reducing the infusion rate of the solution. Laboratory tests, including hepatic and pancreatic enzymes, remained stable. In one subject endoscopic and histological evidence of mild duodenitis was found when pre- and posttreatment features were compared. On the basis of these data, we recommend monooctanoin to treat biliary-retained cholesterol stones.[1]


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